Nuk Baby Stain Remover 360ml (750861)

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There are typical baby stains against which even a detergent with the strongest cleaning power is sometimes helpless. In such cases, the NUK Stain Remover can give powerful support!

Simply sprayed on stubborn stains before washing, it increases the cleaning power of the detergent. You can depend on even milk, fruit and vegetable puree being removed from baby bibs, rompers and tops – with a gentle fragrance that is suitable for babies. The effective formula of the spray is kind to babies and based solely on the natural reaction of water and mineral salts. All the active ingredients can be rinsed away completely in the wash – after which textiles are bright and clean, ready for their next assignment!

The NUK Stain Remover: strong against typical baby stains, gentle to a baby’s skin. From baby product experts.


-    Please follow the instructions on the labels.
-    Keep out of the reach of children.