Nuk Baby F-C+ Glass Feeding Bottle 120ml 0-6m (747076)

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The NUK First Choice Glass Bottle is a practical alternative to the more common plastic baby bottle as it offers the added benefit of improved hygiene and longer life.

Featuring a latex version of the NUK First Choice Teat, the NUK orthodontic shaped teat features a special, super soft zone which adapts perfectly to baby's palate and an extra wide lip support. The teat mimics the shape of a mother¿s nipple during breastfeeding which encourages latch on and is designed to make it easier to switch between breast and bottle-feeding.

The NUK Anti-Colic Air System reduces the risk of infant colic caused by a harmful swallowing of air.

The NUK First Choice Glass Bottle comes with a 0-6mths Latex Teat, which is softer and more nipple like than Silicone, which makes it easier for some babies to adapt to. The teat features a Medium size feed hole which is suitable for milk and formula. Small and Large feed hole teats are also available in either Silicone or Latex.