Nuk Baby Drinking Fun Cup 18m+ 300ml (750774)

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NUK Easy Learning Cup Fun 300 ml, with silicone straw that disappears under the lid, for children from 18 months, does not contain bisphenol A

While children at home jump, play and discover the world, mom and dad sometimes have a hard time remembering such important fluid intake. With NUK's Easy Learning Cup Fun ice cream, children consume the recommended daily amount of fluids in parallel with their play, as with the soft silicone straw, the consumption of liquids becomes fun! In addition, three original designs stimulate the imagination of young explorers.

New insurance system
With one turn, the straw disappears under the lid. By simply turning the mechanism on the other side, the child returns the straw to an upright position and can drink.

Safety and hygiene
The lid securely secures the straw. So you don't need a separate protection cap!

Leakage and stain protection
Thanks to the proven quality NUK valve, there are no liquid residues left in the straw. This prevents stains and splashes when you open the bucket!